JCAA Members Pop Up Exhibition 20 Feb to 2 Mar 2018


Tuesday 20th February – Friday 2nd March
Open on Friday 23rd from 4.30 – 8pm

You are invited to come in and view this cornucopia of diverse and exciting artworks by 9 different artists. The exhibition will showcase some beautiful colourful paintings, both realistic and abstract, colourful, abstract resin work, print-making, intriguing sculptures using found objects with their own histories, carefully chosen for their texture and uniqueness.

This will be an exhibition not to be missed!

Participating artists: • Anne Muller • Christian Neilson • Fred Maris • Joanna Webber • Lesley Byfield • Mary Arkless • Nadine Bakhuizen • Patricia Galloway • Rina Bhabra

Examples of works by these artists

Click on any of the images below to view in carousel viewer

Nadine Bakhuizen

Mary Arkless

Lesley Byfield

Christian Neilson

Anne Muller

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